An Introduction to the Labrador Retriever

by Sandy Rutherforde

Labrador Retrievers continue to be by far the most favorite breed in countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and for good reasons. For one thing, these types of dogs are great family pets owing to their gentle, loyal and friendly traits that endear them to both humans and animals inside the home. For another, these dogs are known for their intelligence, adaptability to nearly any situation and athleticism, qualities which are made use of in search-and-rescue, drug detection and other police work and also for civilian uses such as guide dogs.

History of the Breed

Originally coming from Newfoundland in Canada, the very first Labradors worked beside fishermen by helping to pull in the nets then grab the fish that escaped from the fishing lines. This was made possible due to their water-resistant coat and webbed feet along with their natural athleticism.

As is the situation inside the canine community, dog breeders crossed Labs with other breeds, especially setters, spaniels and also other retrievers. And so was born the modern Labrador retrievers as we know them right now.

Right Owner for the Breed

Most dog specialists stress that owners must select a dog breed that will fit their desired traits in the canine. For prospective owners of Labs, keep the following issues in mind.

If you prefer a dog having a happy, peaceful and reliable nature along with a dog who thrives on exercise, play and athletic pursuits, then the Labrador retriever could be perfect for you. However in the event you do not want to deal with exuberant rowdiness, inborn chewing behavior, and make provisions for an abundance of physical exercise, then a Labrador retriever isn't the appropriate dog for you.

Don't forget that Labs are sporting dogs that have to have a good amount of physical pursuits lest negative behavior like chewing and jumping on people express themselves. In case you are usually away on business, this dog should have a companion in the house.

Physical Appearance

The Labrador retriever is a medium-sized dog which has an athletic build. Their coat is short, dense and repellent to water to a certain degree. These particular physical characteristics make the Labrador retriever a terrific dog for hunting waterfowl and upland game for many hours on end. That, when coupled with its stable, reliable and versatile temperament, genuinely makes it a much loved breed among sportsmen.

The Lab's face is characterized by a clean-cut head, powerful jaws and friendly eyes, all joining together to suggest an intelligent dog with great character. Colors for the particular breed of dog consist of blacks, yellows from light cream to fox-red, and chocolates from light to darker tones. Tan and brindle markings also are standard but they are usually cause for disqualification in dog shows, although not with their loving families.

The best characteristic of the Labrador retriever is not in its lovely physical appearance but in its beautiful soul. Labs are gentle animals with very little to no aggressive inclinations toward people and fellow animals. The truth is, Labs are animals with an intense wish to please other people so much so that these dogs are excellent for households with smaller children. So, if you would like a great family pet, then the Labrador retriever could be your perfect choice.

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