The Essentials of Proper Finch Health

By Kevin Green


Every creature on our planet deserves the same care and respect that you want. When we remove one of Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures from their natural habitat, we must provide them with what they need. Clean water, nutritional food and a safe place to live all add up to finch health that is good for them and for you.

Providing the proper living conditions to any pet is important. Offering love every day and even giving a treat every now and then will build a positive relationship. Having a bird is different than a dog or cat because the bird is not able to move freely about your home. The cage you choose for them must provide everything that is needed.

Understanding the needs the little friends isn’t difficult to learn. You already know that they will need a cage, food and water. You probably already know that they might like a bath every so often. You also might know that they need companionship.

The right finch health needs to be given at the beginning. Is the beginning the egg or the bird? The beginning is now at whatever stage is currently happening. Breeders who love their birds will ensure that they give everything the birds need; the pet store attempts to purchase and offer the healthiest birds.

The cage should be large enough for the birds to fly a bit to stretch their wings. The material should be strong enough to hold the birds and keep them safe. All edges and corners should be smooth and preferably paint free. The cage should hold at least one perch, a mirror, water and food and perhaps a little toy.

Proper finch health always includes clean and fresh water. The food that can be offered can be a high quality seed that can be purchased at your local pet store. You can also provide them some dark greens such as dandelion greens, spinach or chickweed. Fruits are okay but give as a treat due to their high sugar levels. Other nourishment that should be offered is cuttlebone, which is simply a form of calcium, to ensure a strong beak and toes as well as strong egg shells.

Sunlight and fresh air is also important to a healthy finch. Indirect light allows the bird to still be part of the day and night processes which is good for finch health. A nice gentle breeze on occasion from outside is also delightful to these sweet creatures. The temperature shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

Before bringing any new pet into the home, there should be some education obtained about the type of animal or bird. It’s not fair to the animal if you don’t know how to properly care for it and then it gets sick due to a lack of knowledge and proper care. Today, there are so many different ways to learn; the Internet provides a zillion bits of information, the breeder knows the ins and outs and the pet store can give tips on how to get started and the basic care required.

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