All About the Burnese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

By Duncan Lancer

The Bernese mountain dog is a strong, sturdy, and very agile dog. He comes in tricolors with white, black and rust being his prime shades. In most cases, the base of the dog is always black while the chest is white. He likes being around humans and doesn't like being chained or kept in a kennel.


The good side with Bernese is that he is intelligent which makes it very easy to train him. You should note that for him to be obedient, you need to be assertive. This means that you should let him know that you are the leader and he needs to respect you for him to stay in your house.

The dog is usually very well behaved in the house; however, you should not let him stay idle; you should engage him in exercises. Some of the best exercises to engage him in include: running and jumping. The good side is that despite his large size, he is able to run very fast and jump high.


The main disease that affects this dog is cancer. Common cancers that affect the Bernese dog include: osteosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumor, fibrosarcoma, and malignanthistiocytosis.

Other than cancer, other diseases that affect the dog are arthritis, hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligament. To protect your dog from suffering from these diseases you should regularly take him to a vet.

Training the dog

When training your dog, you should not yell or scream. If you feel that the Bernese is not making any progress in his training, you should take a break and resume the training at a later time.

For ideal results, you should start training your dog early, using positive reinforcement. When training your dog you should start with the basic commands: sit, down, come, and stay. When he obeys the commands, you should praise and reward him with a treat.

You should reinforce the commands by practicing daily for at least five minutes. When your dog takes hold of some of the commands, you should gradually introduce others over time.

You should avoid hitting or physically punishing your dog. Doing this will not yield any results. To make it easy for you to train your Bernese, you should take proper care of him-you should give him the right food, groom him regularly, and give him access to fresh water and exercises. A happy and healthy dog is easy to train.

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