Golden Retriever Information - An Overview Of This Lovely Dog

By James Drake

It was back in 1925 that the AKC first recognized the Golden Retriever as an official breed. Originally developed by Lord Tweedmouth in the Scottish Highlands toward the end of the 1800's, they were first known as the Golden Flat-Coat. Golden Retriever information is essential when you choose to adopt a Golden and finding out about the breed, such as its behavior, temperament and general health, will help you to make the right choice.

Initially they were developed in order to accompany shooting parties who hunted waterfowl and as such they needed to be intelligent, eager to please and obedient. But besides their temperament they also needed to have what is referred to as a soft mouth so they would not damage the waterfowl they retrieved. They needed to be comfortable in water and boast a thick undercoat which is covered by a water-repellent and sleek top-coat that lies close to the body.

Over the years they have become more and more popular as family pets, therapy dogs, and in the law enforcement sector. They are one of the most sought after breeds in the world and according to the national Golden Retriever information registries in the United States, they rank forth on the list of popular dog breeds. Not only are they known for their friendly, obedient, lovable temperaments, which make them an excellent choice as a family pet, but they are also a popular choice as guide dogs for the blind and serve in the fields of search and rescue. In the law-enforcement field they are renowned as narcotics detectors.

Golden Retriever information typically describes them as being kindly, friendly and confident as well as being excellent with children, displaying great gentleness and patience. However, they are definitely not one-man dogs and are just as friendly with strangers as they are with those closest to them. Although they readily announce the arrival of an intruder it is unlikely that they will attack and depending upon your perspective this makes them unsuitable as guard dogs!

When it comes to exercise, goldens need it regularly. Although they will adjust to apartment living it is essential that they receive daily exercise. As their name suggests they love to play games that involve retrieving things, whether a stick, ball, frisbee, etc. Retrieving games will keep them occupied for ages, especially if there is also some water around to retrieve things from.

As far as their intelligence goes they are noted for it, being capable of learning many commands, words and phrases, with some reliable Golden Retriever information sources claiming that they can learn in excess of two hundred phrases and words. Because of their eagerness to please, which is one of the hallmarks of their behavior, they have a tendency to focus on a task with great intensity. This obviously makes them easier to train but care must be taken on the part of the owner to ensure that they don't overwork themselves, which can be an issue with this breed.

Golden Retrievers live on average between ten and twelve years. Health wise they are known to suffer from cancer, hip dysplasia, heart disease, and eye defects. According to available Golden Retriever information, they are also prone to being overweight and so regular exercise and a proper, healthy diet are important to both their physical and mental wellbeing. Skin allergies can also be a problem and will require the assistance of a vet.

Due to their wonderful temperament, gentle natures, willingness to please and their impressive intelligence, this breed has firmly established itself as a favorite. However, as with most things in life, knowledge is key and you should definitely consider arming yourself with all the Golden Retriever information that is available to you. Many reputable online sites will help you to learn more about the breed and what you can expect when you bring your Golden Retriever puppy home.

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