Dogs and Nuts are Not a Good Mix

Dogs and Nuts Are Not a Good Mix

By M.K. Albus

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Most dog owners know that if they are eating something their dog will smell it and come to see what you are eating and they will usually want some of it. Well nuts are a nutritional snack for humans and it not uncommon to be eating nuts. Before long, our dog is at our side looking at us with those loving eyes, watching us eat those nuts, and wanting us to share with them. Our first inclination is to share. We might even have fun throwing a nut and watching our dog jump to catch it in its mouth.

But nuts can produce stomach upset and even worse conditions for our dogs. A dog's stomach has trouble digesting whole nuts. And that is a big part of the problem. If the nuts were well chewed they would not cause as much stomach upset but as we all know, dogs don't chew their food. They gulp it down and nuts they swallow whole.

A dog's stomach cannot break down whole nuts and gets upset trying. Then, as the nuts pass into the intestines they can cause blockages and constipation.

Nuts are also high in phosporous, which in dogs can lead to bladder stones. Nuts are also very fatty and their kinds of fats can lead to pancreatitis in dogs.

While most nuts are not exactly poisonous for dogs, they are not very healthy and excessive consumption can lead to serious health problems. One kind of nut, however, is poisonous to dogs and that is the Macadamia nut. Macadamia nuts have a toxic compound that affects the skeletal muscles of a dog and it can lead to tremors and even temporary paralysis. They should never be fed to dogs.

A few nuts may only upset a dog's tummy but continued regular consumption can lead to bladder stones, gall stones, pancreatitis, and intestinal problems. So it is best not to feed your dog nuts at all. The nuts smell good to a dog, though, so it is up to us to keep them away from them.

M.K. Albus is a freelance writer who has written numerous articles for several websites, including Independent Literature Gallery.

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