Learn How to Help Keep Your Bunny Cooler in Summer

By Bob Watson

When your rabbit lives inside a bunny hutch or rabbit cage outside the house, summer is usually a problem for them. In fact, it could be lethal if you don't take additional precautions to look after them. Let's take a few minutes to take into consideration how you can care for your rabbit during the summer time.

Why Summer is Difficult for Bunnies

We humans are able to endure heat much better than many animals, including bunnies, for one key reason - we sweat. Our bodies are able to release heat by way of the skin as a cooling system. Rabbits don't have this capability. Combine this with a fur coat and you have a very, very hot bunny.

If it's a wild hare/rabbit, they'll try to compensate for this by burrowing into the earth. They escape from sunlight and into the cooler ground. If you've seen a bunny burrow, you know they'll get very deep which gets them much cooler. For all those inside a bunny hutch or bunny cage, they don't have this option. So, let's consider making their summer a more comfortable time.

When your pet's shelter is a bunny hutch or bunny cage, the best way to overcome the summer heat concern is to get them inside in the air conditioning during the hottest hours. You could put them in your bath room, guest room or any other room where they can be cooler. Just be certain you bring the litter box. Not an option? Then let's consider other options. Listed below are a couple of things I'd strongly suggest you need to do to keep your rabbit cool in summer heat:

1. Confirm your bunny has a good amount of shade - You can't overestimate the need for shade. Don't trust me? Head outdoors on a day when it's over 90 degrees and sunny. Wait in the sun for 5 minutes. Move to cooler areas and wait there for 5 minutes. You'll understand. Your bunny will too.

2. Put icy water bottles in with your bunny - Save some of the 2-liter or milk bottles/jugs and fill them with water. Freeze them and put them within the cage with your rabbit two times a day (one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon). They'll rest against it and thank you for it.

3. Provide them ice water - While we're talking about ice, place a couple of ice cubes inside of their water twice a day too (same times). Adding in ice within a HUGE heavy crock provides them with a chance to soak their paws and/or ears in there if and when they wish. Undoubtedly, they really need the hydration desperately as well. Make sure that they NEVER use up all their water in the heat. Do yourself (and your rabbit) a big favor and buy one of these brilliant lock-on crocks. They're essential because rabbits can't tip them over and waste their water when it's 100 degrees outside. That's a recipe for tragedy. It's definitely worth the $6.

4. Supply a chilly ceramic tile - Purchase a few 12" x 12" porcelain tiles and continue to keep a stack of them in your deep freeze. Place them in the bunny hutch or cage during the hot hours.

5. Spray or wash the rabbit's ears with chilled water - Rabbits dissipate heat thru their ears. Rub their ears with a cold cloth or mist them with cold water and it'll certainly help.

6. Brush, brush, brush - You should groom your rabbit regardless but getting rid of that loose hair with a brush during summer is an essential.

7. Run a circulating fan - You don't want a persistent wind on your bunny but a clip-on circulating fan can really help. You can make it far better by having it pass over a moist wash cloth to deliver some cooling. Be certain to keep the wire beyond bunny's reach.

8.Give them delicious produce - Refreshing produce contain moisture content. Don't skimp on those when it's hot outdoors.

The temperature is picking up in our area, so we will be having to take lots of the suggestions above to help keep our bunnies cool all through the summer. If you are utilizing a bunny hutch or bunny cage just as we are, we trust you will do the same thing.

By Bob Watson. In addition, you can get more information about rabbit cages by visiting me at BunnyHutchHQ.com/

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